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Tradingview as a world web financial encyclopedia website invites volunteers who are experts and scholars, researchers, bloggers, individual and others to contribute their knowledge in writing. All these people may feel free to contribute  their insightful information on fiscal, monetary, banking, Forex and stock markets, commercial, accounting, budgetary and investments.

Tradingview is a financial encyclopedia and a knowledge based website, one of our innovative ideas and milestone achievement. A new Financial website that is objected particularly on globally web users to collaborate their thoughts on the web by helping each other exchange insightful ideas, users are invited to write , and modify articles or contents written by other users to assure quality learning and a knowledge full generation.

Tradingview Team and other stake holders

Not only does tradingview involves writers   and editors, it also benefit anyone who is looking for information i.e, students , workers, researchers , scholars and others. All this stakeholders may just type any topic on the search box which they like to know about and the information will be displayed, should you type any topic on the search box and the information is not displayed it simply means that no one has yet written about the topic of your choice.

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Add. Edit. Moderate and learn Why other Tradingview users edit, delete and moderate your work?

One might argue why his work is being edited, deleted or added. Users should not worry about these process, it is part of our game, one writes and the other edit, however you may proceeds to check out this helpful points to get a broader understanding.


  1. Reason why your article was deleted – Your article has no factual or truthful information on it, your article contains vulgar and other unethical or offensive language which is against our policy and might not be beneficial for other readers and users.
  2. Reason why your article was edited – Your article seems to be good,however someone has identified a gap, he needs to fill it with better and factual information which is believed might work together with what you have already written about.  In some instances it might also happen that your article was edited because of spelling mistakes, no facts on it, it has some grammatical errors and other information which is not useful for other users
  3. Users may search for any topic on the search box which is located on the top left corner, if the topic returns no results, you may feel free to initiate an article, however if it returns results you then have to add or edit what the other users have pre – contributed .
  4. Users are encouraged to include both internal and external links. However with excessive abuse of these you might draw our attention and we will look at your article very intently and we might argue a lot with these.

The word “trade or trading” does not necessarily entails the buying and selling of products however in clearly entails the exchange of something for something, which according to the perception of tradingview is the exchange of information for information and ideas for ideas, that’s where we are rooting ourselves, to build a dynamic knowledge-full website.

The learning nation is a winning generation

… Users are encouraged to share insightful ideas to help others

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How does Trading view work?

How does trading view works?, this is a question that needs to be clarified thoroughly. Suppose one user initiates any financial topic and write an article about it, the other users will then have to add, edit, subtract or completely delete or destroy what the first user has already written about.

All web users should bear in mind that tradingview articles may only be created , edited or modified when logged in only nothing else, members have to sign up or join to be members or users in order to participate on our program services.

Create and design an article

Creating and designing an article with trading view will need some time of concentration since you are not writing for yourself but for the nation, however everyone with financial knowledge may write for others to read.

Search for any Topic

Searching for any topic is being given a chance to explore, learn, and find useful information written by other Authors. Searching is very easy, you simple have to type your topic on the left hand corner where there is a search box and you trading view question will be returned by an answer.

Respond to other trading view community members questions

Intergrade all trading view financial markets in just an easy way, tradingview is an introducing broker and community members are given an opportunity to trade with a registered broker, however trading should be done with caution since it involves liquid products that may cause you to lose all your invested capital

Edit an article

Editing different articles written by others need some quality information, replacing has never been so easier, writing a new article is easier than replacing, we at trading view will always need facts on why was the first content being removed and replaced.

Pose a question to other trading view community members

Posing a financial question to other trading view community members gives you an opportunity to be assisted with any information you may be looking for, this is a helping each other arena, today you ask a question and someone answers, tomorrow someone ask a question and you will have to answer, then let us try to be fair and kind to others.

Integrate and trade financial products

Answering others questions is also one of our objectives, by answering only one question you are completing someone missing puzzle, and you create a different to the society, one helpful answer might save someone’s life, so thank you to all our contributors, may you proceed doing what is good for the nation.

Tradingview is founded by Siwele Aldrin Tinyiko, is a born South African and an independent writer.  “After  written so many articles I have notice a need to hear what others have in their minds, for so long I might have been missing a chance to grow, allowing others to speak is giving yourself a chance to learn and also speaking to others is allowing them a chance to learn and grow from your expertise, knowledge and research, so let us share what we know with others, anything that can be built by many is “many in one” is powerful than what can be built by one person, might be lacking greatly and can be easily demolished” he said.
Trading View Founder and Director
Siwele Aldrin Tinyiko
Founder and Chief Execurtive Officer of Tradingview

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Users should rest assured that
the content created on this website, described as  “” does not necessarily
have any owner, this include those who initiate those articles, they  are not literally described as owners
according to tradingview and holds no rights on the contents or articles,
however they are classified as contributor volunteers. Everyone is welcome to
modify any article and all articles should be written in simplified English.

There are so many financial terms,
jargons and keywords that need to be explained and described in simple English,
so users may navigate and explore those words and break them for us to learn.

Tradingview is not currently in
the position of paying writers any money and that is why we need someone with a
heart of gold and all Samaritans to freely volunteer by contributing their articles
to us in mandate of helping others learn. For all those who share their work
with our users, you are stars! Keep it up and in advance we appreciate your


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Tradingview as an Introducing Broker

Since Tradingview provides information on financial products and terms, we also deem it necessary to direct our website users to the registered financial company where they can access or trade these financial instruments. There are so many registered companies however we have our own preference, however companies who are interested in providing this kind of service may contact us. Tradingview does not directly holds or take any funds from users, or own any financial products however we only refer users to registered companies, users are encouraged to make informed decisions when following external links.

Tradingview is a Forex Trading Introducing Broker

First of all, let us look at the term Forex Trading – Forex Trading is the decision made by different individual market participants to buy and sell paired currencies at a certain exchange rate. Currencies can be traded in pairs, meaning one countries currency can be purchased using another countries currency, for example, you can use USD to purchase Euros,

i.e.; USD/EUR, where the first currency is the Base currency and the second currency is the quote currency. Anyone who is interested in trading currencies can do so by using different platforms and referrals provided by trading view.

Tradingview is a Shares Trading Introducing Broker

A share is a unit or portion and might be full or part of assets or capital ownership by an individual in a certain company which may be on loss or profit over a period of time and may be traded on a stock market.

There are a number of shares that market participants may trade at tradingview, people may sport on a company that is doing well or has potential of doing good in the future and purchase shares. Shares that are available are from these countries companies, Asia, Shares Africa, Shares North America, Shares South America, Shares Antarctica, Shares Europe, and Shares Australia

Tradable Foreign and Stock Market Products

Shares AfricaTrading and viewing Crypto currenciesTrading and viewing SilverTrading and viewing Natural GasTrade and view global Indices
Shares EuropeTrading and viewing online Physical currenciesTrading and viewing GoldTrading and viewing Agricultural Trade and view local indices
Shares AsiaTrading and viewing other digital currenciesTrading and viewing PlatinumTrading and viewing Crude
Shares North AmericaTrading and viewing PalladiumTrading and viewing Copper as an introducing broker and a member of and other registered Forex Trading Companies, Forward Rates and Agreements, Some options with other CFDs are the most leveraged offers which usually have a huge risk of losses and may sometimes cause you to lose huge amounts up to your invested capital and users should be advised that these may not be always be suitable for all people.

Please ensure that you fully grasp all the risks which are involved and users should not trade with money that they cannot afford to lose. Tradingview allows all market participants, to share their common ideas through community forums, all market participants can now easily share their trading ideas, skills, expertise , experiences, questions and other crucial information. With this; most market participants will now face the market in the most panache and success based mentality.

Who are market participants?

  1. Individual
  2. Traders
  3. Investors
  4. Small and Large Firms
  5. Banks
  6. Brokers

The Founder of Tradingview

Tradingview is founded by Siwele Aldrin Tinyiko, is a born South African and an independent writer.  “After  written so many articles I have notice a need to hear what others have in their minds, for so long I might have been missing a chance to grow, allowing others to speak is giving yourself a chance to learn and also speaking to others is allowing them a chance to learn and grow from your expertise, knowledge and research, so let us share what we know with others, anything that can be built by many is “many in one” is powerful than what can be built by one person, might be lacking greatly and can be easily demolished” he said.

The only way to trade your views, i.e “ tradingview” about your life experiences, researches , expertise and others is coming online, using your smart phone, laptop, tablet and other  devise that are around and those that are still to come. You should be willing to collaborate with other editors and writers, you may still start any topic that is insightful, that you believe it can help others.

Trading Crypto Currencies is making the world go round!

Crypto currencies are any digital assets or

digital currencies that may be utilized as the medium of exchange, there are a
number of crypto currencies that are provided by tradingview, some of these
crypto that can, be traded are; Bitcoin ,Bitcoin Cash , Ethereum , Litecoin , Dash
Coin , Monero , Nem , Ripple ,Zcash , Cardano

Sure, the full-wide image can be pretty big. But sometimes the image is worth it.

These are the very few Market products that we bring closer for our clients to trade and view, it is then crucial for every market participants to trade what they best understand.

Tradingview will never decide nor advice people what to trade, traders and other market participants are the one to choose which product to trade, all products Tradngview Milestone

in simple, tradingview is a online debating website, so do not be annoyed when other uses delete your information which is misspell, is not correct, is not providing any insight, however learn and speak something that will be beneficial, relevant and loving. Enjoy learning and writing, show that love in a style.


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